Coaching - With you every step of the way

In addition to the Team Wall interactions your Basefit training offers you multiple opportunities to interact with our certified Coaches. Both Team Calls and Virtual Coaching Clinics will be offered and provide you opportunities to learn and ask questions about your training. See below for more details on the calls and clinics.

Individual Team Calls

Each team will have two private team calls with one of our certified Coaches. These intimate and information calls will be at the beginning and end of your training so you can share with your team and Coaches your goals as well as your training progress. Don't miss this unique chance to stay in touch with your team as you prepare for the High Desert Hood to Coast Relay.

Each runner will be sent a personal electronic invite to attend each team call. Below are the targeted dates.

Week 2 – July 23rd  -  Training Overview - Q&A

Week 12 - October 1st  - Final Race Prep - Open Forum

Virtual Coaching Clinics

Be sure to mark your calendars for each Virtual Coaching Clinic. These carefully crafted 30 minute sessions offer live Coaching coverage of training specific topics that you'll want to tune into. Ask questions, share your experiences and get the edge you need to keep your training consistent and effective.

Each runner will be sent a personal electronic invite to attend each session. The topics that will be covered are below:

Week 1 or 2 - July 16th or July 23rd -  Individual Team Calls

Week 6 – August 21st @ 12 PM  -  Sports Performance & Nutrition (Click here to RSVP)

Week 9 – September 10th (Exact Date & Time TBD)  - Virtual Coaching Clinic: Open Forum

Week 11 or 12 - Sept 24 or Oct 1 (Exact Date & Time TBD) - Individual Team Calls