Basefit and TRX Partner to Strengthen Injury Prevention for Employers

March 01, 2016

Portland, OR., and San Francisco, CA. (March 01, 2016) – Basefit, a readiness and resilience training organization, and TRX®, the industry leader in functional training and creator of Suspension Training®, have partnered to help organizations minimize risk and prevent injury with employees. Starting this year, Basefit will begin incorporating TRX Suspension Training as part of its design to improve overall human performance for employers.

Businesses spend $170 billion per year on costs associated with work-related injuries and illnesses, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Basefit provides organizations with team-based training solutions that focus on physical and behavioral fitness, balanced nutrition, sleep hygiene, and personal resilience to strengthen employee morale and prevent work-related injuries.

“Basefit is helping employees move beyond the idea of being well. We want our participants to feel ready and resilient at work, and always perform their job to the best of their ability and injury free,” says Stephen Erdmann, president of Basefit. “One key element to productivity is your physical capability. We are thrilled to announce that TRX will strengthen our physical training through proven strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability movements.”

Both Basefit and TRX were born out of a need to serve the U.S. military.  Basefit was originally created in 2013 to provide readiness and resilience training to the U.S. military and the families that support them. While on deployment as a Navy SEAL nearly 20 years ago, TRX founder Randy Hetrick created the first Suspension TrainerTM when he needed a way to keep his unit in peak physical condition. These roots and overall service-based mission make TRX and Basefit a natural partnership.

“At TRX, we work with soldiers, professional athletes, physical therapists, strength and conditioning coaches and consumers from all levels to get people to move better.  We’re excited to partner with Basefit, a company that is also invested in improving human performance,” says Randy Hetrick, founder of TRX. “TRX® products are a fitting addition to Basefit’s training methods because they are portable and scalable making it easy for anyone from beginners to advanced athletes to train at work, at home, or on the road.”

About Basefit

Basefit represents a select team of military and industry professionals focused on creating human performance training solutions that impact the total health and lifestyle of each team and participant. The men and women of our armed forces serve at the heart of this mission, hired and trained to create experiences that increase readiness and resilience. Learn more about Basefit at

About TRX

TRX® is the training world’s preeminent producer and seller of functional training programs, education and equipment for professional trainers, health clubs, military, fitness-oriented consumers and athletes of all levels. TRX designs and sells original products of innovative design and premium quality construction, including Suspension Training® and Rip® Training functional training equipment. Through a commitment to ongoing research and product development, TRX is changing the way consumers exercise, athletes train for sport, soldiers train for combat, physical therapists rehabilitate patients, and exercise instructors train clients. The complete line of TRX products, training programs, education and accessories can be purchased directly from TRX online at For more information on TRX products, education and programming, call (888) 878-5348 or email TRX, Suspension Training, Suspension Trainer, and Rip are trademarks of Fitness Anywhere LLC.