Tune in!

If you're having a hard time staying focused on a long run, you might benefit from bringing some music along. However, don't let that be a distraction from your surroundings. Follow some best-practice tips if you're training with tunes:

  • For slow, steady effort, make a playlist of songs with a tempo less than 120 beats per minute (bpm)
  • For speed and intensity, find a sweet spot between 120 - 140 bpm
  • Keep the volume low - you should still be able to hear yourself talk over the music
  • For some variety on your slower days, listen to podcasts or audiobooks


Week 9 Walker

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 35 min (easy)

Wednesday: 25 min (stroll)

Thursday: 35 min (easy)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 40 min (stroll)

Sunday: 6 miles (brisk)

Week 9 Novice 

Monday: 30 min cross or strength train

Tuesday: 4 mile run 

Wednesday: 40 min cross or strength train 

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 5 mile run

Sunday: Rest 

Week 9 Intermediate

Monday: 3 mile run & strength train 

Tuesday: 4 mile run 

Wednesday: 30 min cross train or 7x800 5K pace

Thursday: 2 mile run & strength train 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8 mile run 

Sunday: 60 min cross train

Week 9 Advanced 

Monday: 3 mile run & strength train 

Tuesday: 30 min tempo run 

Wednesday: 30 min cross train or 9x400 mile pace

Thursday: 3 mile run & strength train 

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 3 mile pace run

Sunday: 7 mile run 


Cross Training: Another form of physical activity to work your muscles in a different way.

Examples: Swimming cycling, stair-climbing, the elliptical and speed-walking. 

Pace run (AKA speed work): Train at a fast pace and you will run at a fast pace! This interval workout will take you to a fast run and alternate it with walking or jogging. You will perform 800-meter repeats every other week (Intermediate + Advanced runners) and 400-meter repeats on even numbered weeks (Advanced runners only). Run these at about a 5-K pace, walking/ jogging between each repeat. Best done on a 400 meter track but can be done on the road or trail.

For walkers: use the following to set your pace and build endurance.

  • Stroll: normal breathing, enjoy your walk.
  • Easy: slightly quicker pace, slightly harder breathing.
  • Brisk: walking with purpose, harder breathing but can still hold a conversation.

Tempo run: A tempo run of 30 to 40 minutes begins with 10-15 minutes of easy running, building up to 10-20 minutes of faster running near the middle, and ending with 5-10 minutes easy running. The pace build-up should be gradual. You can do tempo runs almost anywhere: on the road, on the trails or even on the track.