Bringing military-inspired readiness and resilience training to you… Basefit represents a select team of military and industry professionals creating human performance training solutions. The men and women of our armed forces serve at the heart of the mission, hired, and trained to create experiences that increase readiness and resilience. Basefit training is designed to increase retention of key personnel and teams through applied training focusing on increasing readiness and resilience through healthy nutrition, exercise techniques, obstacle mitigation, goal setting, and sleep hygiene in a team-oriented environment.



CIS is Empowering Resilience in Employees

CIS has selected Basefit to provide training services to go beyond being well and engage with coaches and trainers in a team-based environment with fellow employees. CIS acknowledges that happy and healthy employees is the best way to improve wellbeing, health, and overall performance; both at work and at home.

The Training Experience

Through support and interaction with your team; your family and friends; and the Basefit Coaches, you will embark on a holistic, lifestyle enhancement journey. Utilizing goal setting and planning techniques centered on fitness, nutrition, and sleep hygiene you will learn to include small, but substantive, changes in behavior allowing you to maximize your personal effectiveness. Focusing on Resilience Principles weekly will also provide you a set of tools for attacking the challenges with which we are faced daily…creating a more Ready and Resilient you.